Best Gaming Mouse With Side Buttons [Should Try 2020]

Best Gaming Mouse With Side Buttons [Should Try 2020]

In this Review Guide i tell you how to choose a good mouse with side buttons Better items and price points.

Often you will have seen that gamer prefer gaming mice with side buttons. Have you ever wondered why ? Despite the fact that there are a lot of such products around, it is not easy to choose a good gaming mouse with these characteristics. What to watch? How to choose the best product? Don’t be afraid, this article will answer all your doubts and needs.


A trivial question that you will surely have asked yourself is: why have a Best gaming mouse with side buttons? The answer is very simple: because having multiple keys allows you to have more game options . Imagine having to quickly change the Dpi (i.e. game sensitivity) or other settings. With the side keys you can do it using your thumb and you will not be forced to stop the game, losing time and concentration.

Gaming mice with side buttons are much loved by gamer because they allow you to adjust the various game settings in real time, without interruption or loss of time. In particular, they are in great demand by those who play so-called MMOs, where they interact in real time with other players, but also for shooters and action games.

In particular, mice with side buttons are particularly loved by MMO ( Massive Multiplayer Online ) players, that is, those video games in which multiple online players participate, such as The World of Warcraft or Call of Duty. The reason is easy to say: when immersed in an online game session and interacting with multiple players, interrupting the game can be a problem . The side keys, in this case, are a salvation. Not to mention the fact that in violent and frenetic games speed of action is everything.

But what are the things to see in this type of mouse?


Best Gaming Mouse With Side Buttons


  • TECKNET Gaming mouse
  • Logitech G203
  • Logitech G402
  • Zelotes T90
  • Tecknet

TECKNET Gaming mouse

TECKNET Gaming mouse is a best and amazing best gaming mouse with 12 side buttons you can buy it from amazon. TECKNET Gaming Mouse, HyperTrak 16400 DPI Laser Gaming Mouse, Wired with Avago Sensor quality design easy to used there are some people which are looking side button gaming mouse then check Tecknet Mouse.

Logitech G402

logitech G402 is an amazing Gaming mouse, Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury – Ultra-fast FPS Gaming Mouse, 4000 dpi, 8 Programmable Buttons. i Write a complete guide on it you can Read best FPS Gaming mouse.

Zelotes T90

ZELOTES T90 Gaming Mouse, High Accuracy 9200 DPI Gaming Mouse with 8 Button Design. its a best and amazing 2020 Mouse. if you are looking for best mice with side buttons then zelotes T90 incredible working heavy button design mouse.

Logitech G203

G203 reports 1,000 times per second, 8x faster than standard mice. This means when the mouse is moved or clicked the onscreen response is virtually instantaneous. G203 is inspired by the classic design of the legendary Logitech G100S Gaming Mouse. Beloved by gamers worldwide and a favorite of esports pros, it’s a classic design that we’ve re-engineered and optimized from the inside-out to be lightweight, durable and comfortable.

Tecknet Mouse

Technet Mouse is the best and amazing Mouse including 6 button in side. Fastest working smooth and incredible design. This mouse is Best for gamer? Yes Ofcouse is best and faster for gamer.

Number of keys

They range from 4 to 20 buttons. Usually, it is the style of play or the particular needs that push a gamer to decide which number of keys to have on his mouse. Generally speaking, more buttons allow you to quickly change multiple settings. Not only the Dpi, therefore, but you can also quickly change the center of gravity of the game or have a special button that opens the menu etc. The potential that you can have with all these keys are undoubtedly interesting. Some gamer, however, prefer to have a lower number of keys, because they do not get confused and keep up with the most essential settings. As mentioned above, it depends on the style of play you have: if you are one who changes many settings, take a mouse from multiple keys; if you have a simpler game, take one with a reduced number.

The numbers of the keys are variable: you can find them from 4 to even 20. Obviously, if a model has many side keys, these are enclosed in a special keypad. To choose the right number of keys you need to understand what your needs are: many buttons allow a large number of possibilities, but having a smaller number will prevent you from getting confused and falling into error.


A side keypad could be inconvenient for those who are not used to it. Make sure, therefore, that this is comfortable to use and is not too bulky. This factor depends in particular on the size of the mouse and, above all, on the size of your hand. Remember, therefore, the usual distinctions between the type of handle ( Palm grip, the standard grip ; Fingertip grip, for slightly larger hands; Claw grip , the claw grip). Depending on your grip and on the lateral positioning of the keypad, you can choose which one is most suitable for you.

Type of software

In this case, I am referring to the programs that are used to program the mouse buttons. The best mice have a personal software attached with the product that allows you to set the preferred setting. Depending on the type of software, you can customize the keys as you prefer: from the Dpi to the other settings. A mouse with a few keys usually has the ability to assign multiple functions to a key, so-called macro keys. This is a solution that is considered more comfortable by some gamer. Not all mice, however, have predefined software: some need a program to download on the internet. Among these, we must mention X-Mouse Button Control , simple and intuitive and Better Touch Tool , for Mac.

The software is what allows us to set our mouse settings. The best mice come with their specific program, but sometimes you have to find someone on the internet. See what the software allows you to do and how the mouse can be programmed.

Polling rate

Many gamer mostly buy to be able to change this setting during the game. What is the Polling Rate? It is the speed with which the cursor updates its image on the computer and is the product between position and reaction speed. It is a very important figure especially for those who play shooters or dynamic games, because precision and speed of action depend on it. It is very important, therefore, that you have the possibility to change the Polling rate from the side button, especially if you are a lover of this type of games.

Polling rate is an essential factor for those who play dynamic and fast video games. For this reason, knowing how to modify it quickly is a real extra weapon for gamer. This is one of the main reasons gamer choose mice with the side keys.

Wireless or wired

This is also a feature that can determine your preference for one type of mouse over another. In fact, there is no option that is better than the other: there are those who prefer a wireless mouse because it is undoubtedly more comfortable, while those who prefer models with wires do it because they do not want to risk being found with the battery download in the middle of a gaming session. Again, it’s your play style that influences your final choice most of all.

Products and reviews

There are many products with this type of characteristics: it can be said that the market is practically flooded with them and, in fact, the prices are also very varied. In the cheapest cases, you can also have a $5 model , but obviously it only has the most basic functions. Going up in price, around $30 you will find products with an excellent quality / price ratio , with all the features of the most useful gaming mice. Mice with the typical side keyboard do not cost less than $60 , so if you are thinking of a model of that kind, you must budget for an expense of this size. The top of the range, however, exceeds $100, with models that allow you to adjust the Dpi at multiple levels, up to a value of 20,000, or program multiple keys simultaneously.

The mice with side buttons are many and have a very variable price. They range from the simpler ones, which cost around € 5, to those with the best quality / price ratio, around $30, to those with the classic side keypad, from $60 up, to models from more than $100. It’s up to you to choose which is the best model, based on your preferences, your needs and your favorite games.