Best Gaming Mouse 2020 [Top New 12 Mouse]

Best Gaming Mouse 2020 [Top New 12 Mouse]

As you can easily guess, it is not easy to answer this question. It depends on many factors and, in particular, on the characteristics of the game.

If you are especially fond of PC games first person shooter, our ideal device must be able to guarantee a prompt response with very few keys. In addition to this, it must be ergonomic, so as not to tire the hand in case of prolonged play. And it will also have to be very fast, with a CPI (capture per inch) value that can be customized up to 6,400: it will thus be barely possible to follow the cursor that moves across the screen.

Best Gaming Mouse 2020 is an amazing field where people are playing games.

The simplicity in the use of the keys has pushed some manufacturers to present on the market mouse for shooters specially designed for left – handed people . In this regard, the suggestion is to opt instead for a device developed for the ambidextrous. These products, much like the standard ones designed for use with the right hand only, are much more affordable and benefit from constant attention from manufacturers in terms of updates.

If, on the other hand, you are a gamer who prefers MMO (MMO Gaming Mice)or MOBA strategy games, the two-button mouse model on the left side is absolutely not indicated; in fact, it is not enough to satisfy the needs of those who love having multiple commands available, perhaps even programmable with macros. For these players, the best performing gaming mice also come with 12 buttons.

However, in choosing the best mouse for strategy games, the sensitivity and alertness of the movements must also be taken into consideration. High-level players do not recommend the purchase of devices with an infinite number of buttons, but rather light models to have a comfortable and highly controlled grip: with too many buttons you run the risk of accidentally selecting unwanted functions.

What Makes A Gaming Mouse Perform?

What Makes A Gaming Mouse Perform

To determine what really matters in a gaming mouse, you need to get a personal idea of ​​it. This means reading the reviews and maybe even getting in touch with expert players, to “absorb” their technical knowledge.
Most gaming mouse reviews are based on personal opinion and rarely include more detailed technical analysis (such as device sensitivity) to allow you to monitor its performance.

In most cases it is very difficult to speak with someone who is truly competent in this area, in order to be able to ask for more insights also as regards all those mouse performances considered marginal. Instead, it is much easier to find reviews that describe the characteristics of the packaging and the flashy LED lights that almost all gaming mice are equipped with.

A self-respecting forum that is truly useful for gamer at all levels must be particularly focused on hardware. In the boundless ocean of blogs of this kind, of course, there are plenty of guides and reviews of great value, which also help beginners to know the technical complexity of gaming mice, helping to choose the model that best suits specific needs.

We propose below a brief compendium which can be useful for understanding some fundamental aspects related to this type of equipment. Knowing the basic terms is in fact very useful to orient yourself in a conscious and… spot-on choice.

When it comes to gaming mice, it often echoes the acronym DPI (dots per inch) or CPI (counts per inch). In essence, these two abbreviations refer to the number of detection of the mouse sensor on an inch of surface. The higher the number that is indicated in the technical specifications of the device, the faster the cursor moves when the mouse is moved.

This basically means that the pointer moves faster on the screen at 3,000 CPI than at 300 CPI. It is therefore a quality parameter used to indicate the speed of performance, a bit like the megapixel that indicates the resolution of digital cameras. It must be said, however, that this data is often inflated for commercial reasons, while there are other equally important aspects: it is not always true that an 8,000 CPI mouse is more precise than one that works at 2,000 CPI.

Now let’s consider two other factors: mouse acceleration and prediction. Acceleration is a function, sometimes referred to as pointer ballistics, which increases the speed of the mouse cursor based on the mouse movement speed. This element is not in itself negative (indeed it is even highly appreciated by some gamer): it means, however, that the mouse movements will not be consistent at different speeds.

The prediction (also called shooting angle) is instead an algorithm integrated in some sensors to help the user draw a straight line. There are those who consider these functions that “smooth” the trajectories to be a good help, while there are those who consider them only of hindrance since they change the original direction. It is good to know, in this regard, that there are currently few mice equipped with a prediction function and that most devices have the acceleration function disabled by default.

The click interval refers to the time in which the mouse button must be pressed to register a click. For the main left and right buttons, the lower click intervals are generally the best, as they can reduce the amount of time that passes between the physical reaction and the game by activating that click.

The specific Lift-off distance refers to the operating distance. This is a very important fact and must be kept as small as possible. If this distance is too large, problems may arise when you lift the mouse to preposition it in the center of the mat.

What is The Best Gaming Mouse?

Every self-respecting gamer must have the best gaming mouse in his hands. There are several models on the market but only a few have the features that are really useful to users of a certain level.

In order to guarantee the best performance during the game, a mouse must have certain characteristics, including advanced functions that, for obvious budget reasons, the low-end models are not able to offer: customization keys, possibility to set different profiles (to be changed according to the game), comfortable grip to avoid hand fatigue, plug & play functions without the need to install drivers, compatibility with your operating system.

1 KingTop Gaming Mouse.

KingTop Gaming Mouse.

It is a quality product that stands out for its advanced performance, ergonomics and particularly refined design.
The utility provided with the drivers is very complete and explanatory (even if it is in English). It allows you to select up to 5 different profiles stored in memory by the same mouse, which correspond to the 5 preset DBI settings (adjustable from 100 to 4,000 DPI).

The 13 keys are programmable not only to allow each button to be assigned an action already present in the menu, but also to set macros that automatically make real key sequences by simply pressing one.

The contrast of colors created between the base of the mouse and that of the keys, the wheel and the symbol, which lights up in a different shade depending on what you choose to set in the utility, is very impressive.

The metal base eliminates friction on any type of mouse pad. In its lower part there are 8 pieces of 2.4 g each, which can be used to adjust the weight of the mouse according to your preferences.

The click of each button is very clean and silent and does not cause any disturbance during night use. The mouse is equipped with a 1.5 m long cable covered with braided nylon, to guarantee maximum strength and robustness. It is perfectly compatible with Windows and proves to be suitable for those who have a low budget but don’t want to give up on quality.


  • Very precise and excellent comfort
  • Adjustable weight
  • Immediate recognition in Win environment 


  • It automatically goes into stand-by if it remains inactive for a few minutes

2. USB Mouse 3500 DPI Optical CSL

USB Mouse 3500 DPI Optical CSL

This gaming mouse convinces, not only for a decidedly advantageous price, but also for its optical sensor of maximum precision. The design is also optimized for right-handed users and promotes an ergonomic and restful position even during long sessions of use.

The detection speed of up to 3,500 DPI guarantees maximum precision. However, two other DPI values ​​can be pre-set, respectively at 1,200 and 2,400 DPI, by means of the central button located under the scroll wheel. The detection speed can also be selected during use; the PPE value is indicated by a blue light, which represents a pleasant aesthetic detail.

Equipped with plug & play connection, the device does not require installation drivers. It works on almost all floors without necessarily requiring a mouse pad, on which however it slides perfectly. The knurled support for the thumb and the ergonomic shape of the mouse prevent the sliding of the hand: thus an optimal seal is guaranteed even during the most exciting game situations.

The clean, advanced and modern design of this USB mouse makes it a quality choice for playing with precision. And if necessary, it also proves to be a reliable tool for working in a highly productive way.


  • The handle does not tire the hand
  • Fluid flow
  • Light and functional


  • When the PC is turned off, the PPE resets to the minimum value

3. Trust GXT 152 Illumintao

Trust GXT 152 Illumintao

It is designed to promote total comfort and relaxation even during long gaming sessions and to meet the most diverse needs: it is precise in shooters and offers quick control in strategy games. In particular, it is aimed at all those who, to obtain high performance, are willing to spend a few euros more.

Equipped with a precise optical sensor, it allows you to adjust the DPI in 4 positions from 600 to 2,400. Based on the selected value, the LEDs are colored in 3 different ways both on the back and on the sides (there is no lighting for the basic value of 600 DPI), creating a very pleasant effect both during the day and during the night. It is possible to switch from one speed to another even during the game, adapting to any situation.

The mouse is designed with 6 keys, one for double fire, and a wear-resistant nylon braided cable, designed to allow smooth and sliding movements on the desk.

It has an ergonomic design and a rubberized coating that makes the grip safe. No programs are needed, just connect via USB: the drivers are installed automatically and in a short time you can start playing.


  • Incredible smoothness on any type of surface
  • Quick and easy setting
  • Nice solid design 


  • Key programming is only possible in gaming mode

4. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury FPS

According to the manufacturer’s statements, this gaming mouse allows the fastest tracking speed available on the market today. This is not the detection sensitivity of the sensor, which actually has a maximum value of 4,000 DPI, but the reactivity and precision of the cursor at impressive speeds, up to 10 meters per second. And with the refresh rate of 1 ms the moves are performed at an astonishing speed to say the least.

The device has a sober appearance, with generous shapes that make it suitable even for those with rather large hands. Despite the lack of colored lights and bright colors, the black keys, the rubber coating and the shiny plastics give it an aggressive look. In particular, the coating ensures good grip even after prolonged game sessions, without giving excessive sweating problems.

Its 8 keys allow to obtain remarkable results already with the default configuration that makes the device immediately ready for use. Alternatively, each button can be customized by assigning each one a specific function (as for shooters) or more elaborate macros (for strategists), all by downloading the Logitech Gaming Software from the company website.

Furthermore, with the integrated memory, profiles related to specific applications on the PC can be set. In this way the device is ready with all the changes to the assets without the need to intervene every time to load the desired preset, a very useful aspect in multiplayer games. You can also adjust the light intensity and the sensitivity of the PPE in the three available levels, quickly going from 4,000 to 250 DPI.

We like it

  • Excellent build quality
  • Extreme customization on several levels
  • Promotes rapid movements 

We do not like it

  • Weight adjustment is missing

5. DLAND 7200 DPI The Cheapest With Cable

DLAND 7200 DPI The Cheapest With Cable

It is the ideal solution for those looking for a device with good functionality at a price that is decidedly contained. Not to mention that it is perfectly plug & play: it therefore connects to the PC with great ease, without the need for any type of configuration and without requiring the installation of additional drivers.

Its structure houses a scroll wheel and 7 buttons that are activated immediately even in multi function mode, proving to be very versatile especially in MMO games. By using the switch located above the wheel, 5 different DPI settings can be selected, with a value between 1,000 and 7,200; each setting corresponds to a different colored led light.

The mouse, which is compatible with Windows operating environments, is large and proves very comfortable. Its ergonomic shape allows you to rest your palm and all your fingers, for a comfortable and relaxed use, even if the shapes are ideal only for those who use the right hand: in fact, there are two grooves on the right side to rest the ring and little fingers and a ledge on the left to rest the thumb.

Ultra resistant and long lasting, the cable with USB terminal is braided in two colors, red and black, with interference protection ring.

We like it:

  • Convenient DPI adjustment
  • Good weight balance
  • Very advantageous price 

We do not like it:

  • It does not allow any programming

6. Zelotes 5500 DPI The best Quality Price Ratio

Zelotes 5500 DPI The best Quality Price Ratio

It is characterized by a very aggressive design that aims to amaze, without neglecting ergonomics. The dimensions of the device certainly do not go unnoticed: it has a length of 12.7 cm, a width of 8.5 cm and a height of 3.7 cm. It is very comfortable to hold, ensuring maximum comfort and alleviating tiredness even after long sessions of activity.

The optical sensor has a good resolution of 5500 DPI. This parameter can be set on the basis of 5 different configurations, each associated with a different LED color: in this way it is possible to know at any moment which resolution is being played. There are 7 keys that allow you to perform various functions without ever moving your hand from the device.

The mouse is ready for use and does not provide for the possibility of changing the functions assigned to the various keys. It has direct-type intelligent connectivity when connecting the USB terminal, so no drivers or other parameters are needed. It offers total compatibility with a wide range of operating systems both in the Windows environment (including the new Win 10) and Mac.

The cable with USB terminal is braided in two colors, red and black, with magnetic ring that eliminates interference.

We like it:

  • Balanced very well
  • It is very smooth on any surface
  • For Win and Mac 

We do not like it:

  • The lights that change constantly

7. UtechSmart Venus

UtechSmart Venus

The updated version of the Venus gaming mouse is specially developed for those players who are looking for a high-end device capable of offering performance outside the traditional canons.

This mouse is in fact dedicated to all those players who want to get the most out of the extreme customization of the keys for specific functions and advanced macros. It is designed with 18 keys optimized for all programmable MMOs, with the possibility of memorizing 5 DPI detection modes, each of different colors for rapid identification.

The UtechSmart Venus driver software allows you to completely remap and assign macros to all 18 buttons. The settings allow precise targeting at 50 DPI and lightning-fast response up to 16,400 DPI. The mouse is also equipped with a high precision laser.

Its design is ergonomic for the right hand, favoring an excellent grip, and the shaped body allows absolute control of the game. It has long-lasting Teflon feet (also as spare parts) that guarantee fast sliding on any surface. The 1.8 m cable is covered in fabric to avoid kinks, the USB terminal is in gold for greater durability.

The weight can be adjusted using a kit of 8 pieces of 5 g each. The device is compatible with Windows operating environments.

We like it:

  • High customization and programmability of the keys
  • Very intuitive software
  • Very comfortable even in long gaming sessions 

We do not like it:

  • It is not for left-handed people

8. VicTsing 2.4G Wireless 2400DPI

VicTsing 2.4G Wireless 2400DPI

It represents an ideal device for occasional or entry level players. It is simple to use and guarantees good click precision thanks to the use of quality micro switches.

It offers 5 default levels for setting the sensitivity level from 800 up to 2,400 DPI, with the possibility of making the selection also in real time during the game activities. It is complete with 7 buttons that can be programmed after downloading the appropriate software (the user manual contains indications for downloading it).

A special feature of this device is that it works wireless, with free signal control up to 10 m, and is low in energy consumption: automatic shutdown is programmed after 8 minutes of inactivity.

A comfortable grip is guaranteed even for those with large hands, offering all users maximum comfort in any type of session. For the management and immediate use both in the game and in the work it is not necessary to install any driver, since the device is developed with plug & play technology.

It does not require the use of mats as it responds well and quickly on all surfaces, even the roughest and softest ones where other mice surrender. It is highly compatible with various Windows to Mac systems.

We like it:

  • Ability to turn off the lights
  • Great precision
  • Immediate recognition in Win and Mac environments 

We do not like it

  • If it remains idle, the connection is lost

9. CSL SM620


It rightfully falls into the category of cheap and high-performance gaming mice.

Its strengths are represented by speed and sensitivity. By acting on the 7 available keys you have the possibility to be protagonists in every game, with everything at your fingertips, thanks to its sophisticated optical pointer.

The device reaches up to 3000 DPI, with 3 levels that can also be set during use from 1200 DPI, 2400 DPI and 3000 DPI; according to the PPE chosen, 3 red, green and blue LEDs light up, visible on the back of the device behind the wheel.

During the design phase it was chosen to coat the device with a rather minimalist look, but which allows a good positioning of the hand even for those used to being very aggressive on the buttons. The cable is almost 2 m long and promotes smooth play without interruption.

The speed is excellent for both work and gaming, the latter facilitated by the good grip and smoothness of the device on many types of surfaces. The connection is simple thanks to the plug & play connection and the installation is very quick and requires no drivers. It is configurable in Windows environment, including the new Win 10.

We like it

  • Sensitivity and regulation are its strong points
  • Excellent product in relation to the price
  • Practical and handy

We do not like it

  • It loses the DPI setting every time you unplug it

10. Logitech Protus Specturm RGB G502

Logitech Protus Specturm RGB G502

Who is looking for a mouse dedicated almost exclusively to the game, can have extremely realistic playful experiences with this device, with emotions never experienced before. In fact, this model has the best optical sensor developed by the company: it guarantees maximum pointing precision, minimizing mouse acceleration and improving reliability.

The device instantly changes the DPI value with 5 settings from 200 to 12,000 DPI, moving from the precise target from sniper to 200 DPI to lightning maneuvers to 12,000 DPI. With its aggressive look, it supports 11 programmable and long-lasting keys, tested to withstand 20 million clicks and 250 km of sliding. It also features a dual-function central wheel, with continuous and precision scrolling.

In the structure there is a compartment for inserting or removing additional weights (5 pieces of 3.6 g each), useful for calibrating the weight and balancing the center of gravity of the mouse according to your needs.

You can decide whether to use the device immediately with the factory settings, or whether to customize it with the supplied software. Each of the 11 buttons can be programmed with commands and macros, to be chosen from thousands of profiles on the PC or by saving the settings in one of the integrated profiles. You can define to save the profiles both in the mouse and in the support program supplied with the software.

We like it:

  • Amazing game sensations
  • High material quality
  • Very intuitive programming software

We do not like it

  • The metal wheel requires some strength

11. VisTsing Zelotes

VisTsing Zelotes

It is characterized by its somewhat aggressive design, designed not only to fascinate but also to ensure maximum ergonomics. The dimensions of this device are quite important, to ensure great comfort of use even for those who have large hands. It holds comfortably and without any effort, thus giving the opportunity to play for hours and hours without ever getting tired.

By clicking on the 7 keys it is equipped with, you have the possibility to select multiple functions while constantly keeping your hand well anchored to the mouse. The optical sensor has a good resolution of 5,500 DPI. This parameter can be set in 5 different configurations starting from that of 1,000 DPI. Each of these settings is characterized by a different LED color, thus allowing you to always know which resolution you are playing at.

Once removed from the box, the mouse is immediately ready to be used, without the need to install any type of software. It is developed with an intelligent connectivity system so that, when connecting the USB terminal, no drivers or other parameters are required. The cable with USB terminal is braided in two colors, blue and black, with magnetic ring that eliminates interference.

The device is perfectly compatible with a wide range of both Windows and Mac operating systems.

We like it:

  • Pleasant pulsing light during use
  • Well balanced
  • Sliding on every surface

We do not like it:

  • There are no balancing weights

12. KingTop 2400 DPI Game mouse Wireless The cheapest Wireless

KingTop 2400 DPI

It is a versatile wireless model which, not being constrained by the presence of a cable, allows you to play freely, up to a distance of 10 meters. You can thus choose the desired gaming station, changing it as often as you like. You can also carry the mouse around for occasional use. The plug & play connection is obtained by means of a USB nano receiver to be connected to the PC.

This great operational flexibility is offered at a truly accessible cost to all. The mouse therefore lends itself to be purchased by those looking for an entry level model or by those who, being novice, want to try the basic features without spending a capital.

The device is supplied preset to 1200 DPI and gives the possibility to adjust 5 different DPI levels (to be chosen between 800/1200/1600/2000/2400). It has 7 programmable keys, among which there are the predefined ones for “forward / backward” located on the side of the device, designed to guarantee precise sensitivity and rapid action.

It is powered by an AA battery and has a specific “sleep” function which, after 8 minutes of inactivity, automatically turns off the mouse, optimizing energy consumption. It works on almost all surfaces and is an ideal tool for laptops and for use at home and in the office.

We like it:

  • Exceptional quality / price ratio
  • It is convenient to carry around
  • To further save energy, you can turn off the light 

We do not like it:

  • There is no LED with a different color based on the PPE