Best fps gaming mouse The Definitive Guide 2020

Best fps gaming mouse The Definitive Guide 2020

Do you love playing FPS games? With excellent skills and talent, you need proper hardware too to play games. Whether you are a professional player or learning to play professionally, you will need a good piece of equipment also. Be it any genre; every video game is benefitted by these mice.

Since First Person Shooting games are heavily dependent on the mouse because every gamer knows that how much aiming and reaction are essential. If your mouse is not up to par i.e., having slow DPS, you should consider changing it with an FPS gaming mouse. With these mice, your aiming and response will improve, and you will get a great deal of experience from it. Today I’m Publish Complete Guide About Best gaming fps Mouse 2020.

Best fps gaming mouse perfect Guide


Best fps gaming mouse The Definitive Guide 2020

In this era of accuracy, where games focus on speed, efficiency, and perfection. Especially if you are from the FPS gamer squad, in games like PUBG, Fortnite, you might’ve noticed how important it is to have a good quality FPS mouse.

Today, we are going to discuss some top ten gaming mice available out there in the market and will show you by having these mice how you will become an exceptional gamer with remarkable skills. If you aren’t an experienced gamer or have no experience with gaming mice, don’t worry, we will be explaining everything.

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Product DisplayProduct NameButtonsPrice
Logitech G502Logitech G50211
Benq Zowie FK27
Razer Death-Adder Elite Razer Death Adder Elite 6
Logitech G ProLogitech G Pro5
SteelSeries Sensei 310 SteelSeries Sensei 3107
BenQ Zowie EC2-AEC1-ABenQ Zowie EC2-AEC1-A5
SteelSeries Rival 6007
SteelSeries Rival 600Corsair M65 Pro8
Logitech G4036
Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury8

Why Would You Need A Gaming Mouse


Before moving towards our top 10 mice list, let’s tell you why would you need to buy a gaming mouse. If you are a type of gamer who doesn’t spend much time playing the latest AAA games, then you shouldn’t waste your time reading this.

If you are a hardcore gamer or a regular gamer, then a good FPS gaming mouse is your need. These mice are for gaming purposes and aren’t for regular day to day use.

So only those people should purchase these mice who are serious with gaming and wants to adopt gaming as their career or are hardcore gamers. 

For others, why would you want to waste your precious money on hardware that isn’t important and adds no value in your life? A regular mouse is enough to perform daily tasks.


Logitech G502

Logitech G502



Logitech G502 an FPS gaming mouse is a renowned mostly used mouse. It is considered the best esports Fps gaming mouse round the globe. Logitech G502 has 12000 DPI (display per inch) and you can adjust its DPI to five different levels. Therefore, it rivals many other gaming mice.

This mouse has officially replaced on of the top-selling mouse 502 Proteus Core which was Claw gripper’s and Right hander’s favorite.

The design of this Fps gaming mouse is said to be a low profile, still, it outperforms in comparison to other gaming mice. It looks like its elder sibling and fulfills the need for right-handers and claw grippers as mentioned above.

This Fps gaming mouse Is highly customizable in every way. From a lower weight, you can adjust its settings to your needs. There are five different levels of DPI as per your need the DPI can be adjusted by using simple buttons.

11 customizable buttons can be filled with your most needed commands, away at a single press.

This is one of my top personal choices and I back this more than other mice mentioned in this list.

For all the claw grippers and right-handers out there, this mouse should be your top list if your planning on buying an Fps gaming mouse. It has all the features that one could think of.

It’s easy to program and customize, the design is user-friendly, even you can set the colors of the mouse as you will

Weight is removable to 5 what comes with this package. So, from adjusting the weight as per your desire, you can customize it heavily and yes light too!

  • Outstanding performance
  • Five different DPI Settings
  • Weight can be Fully Customized
  • It can be customized according to the most needed commands, a single click away.
  • Only for Right-handers / DX12

Razer Death Adder Elite 

Razer Death-Adder Elite



This is an amazing gift from Razer, an amazing and outperforming FPS gaming mouse for shooters. Its soft comfortable controls and perfect placing. Its black matte color helps this mouse from getting slippery or greasy.

Razer Death-Adder Elite has been in the gaming world of Fps gaming mice for a long time now and has offered its excellent performance to many gamers. Since it has been integrated with RGB light, the gamers are apt to throw their money on this mouse.

It has been one of the best-selling mice in the gaming world. The gamers are buying this mouse just because of its amazing configuration and beautiful and sleek design. It is easy to configure too.

Razer Death Adder Elite has a 16000DPI, which is quite high. Most users use a mouse lower than this DPI.

This mouse has been manufactured by the most famous brand (Razer). People with big hands find this mouse quite appealing and attractive.

This mouse got two buttons which can be placed nicely by a thumb. Two different Dpi settings can be used and it has a switch for switching DPI from one mode to another. This mouse doesn’t have too many buttons and has a very simple button environment therefore it can be used in the working environment.

This FPS gaming mouse has 99.4% accuracy and 450 IPS, meaning you will kill your enemy and there won’t be any difficulty in taking shots especially during sniping which are very difficult.

Razer Death Adder Elite has seven different customizable buttons, even the RGB lights can be changed. It doesn’t have difficulty in moving on any kind of surface. There are 0 hang-ups. It has a lifespan of around 50 million clicks.

  • Deadly Accurate
  • Beautiful Edgy Design
  • Scroll with grips
  • Can be used on desks in the work environment
  • For Big Hands-onlyDX12

Benq Zowie FK2



Benq Zowie FK2 is one of the best ideal gaming mice. It is the first choice for both Left and Right Handers, beautiful and simple design, normal size. This is how Benq Zowie FK2 can be described which is an ideal choice for hardcore gamers.

If we are to describe this mouse in one word that’d be “simplicity”. This mouse has been designed in a way that it is plug to play meaning there won’t be a need for special drivers to get this thing working.

It has a good DPI of 3200 which can be shifted between 400, 800 and 1600 by just pushing a single button. It can be described as a low DPI Fps gaming mouse. An ideal choice of what a pro gamer would use. Use your CPU performance because the other parts are untouched.

If you talk about the easiness of using a mouse, this mouse has defeated others. Although other features have been left, you can’t have some features. But it has simplicity and clear design.

With the precision of the 1:1 movement, this Fps gaming mouse has an adjustable report rate which can be changed between 125, 500 and 1000 GHz. Benq Zowie FK2 offers amazing performance for both large and small-handed people equally.

  • Amazingly Precise
  • Works on all type surfaces
  • Limited Buttons.

Logitech G Pro

Logitech G Pro



Without a doubt, Logitech G Pro is one of the top gaming mice and is popular among the eSports players. This mouse is designed after meeting with several professional gamers from the world. This is the reason that this mouse has uplifted its brand.

If I am to describe this mouse, I would simply say,

“It is one of the well-optimized and the best wireless mouse in the gaming industry”.

If you have used a low-priced version of G203, you will find Logitech G Pro an identical to that version. It’s an amazing mix of Logitech with a beautiful and sleek design that will produce the smoothest gaming experience ever!

The Logitech G Pro is powered with the edging hero sensor technology. With Hero Technology you can have around 1-2K to heavenly 16k DPI.

Besides all this, Logitech G Pro has metal buttons with springs, eliminating the risks of miss-clicks and increasing the overall performance with deadly accuracy.

It is light-weight and this has been a key factor in Logitech G Pro. Lightweight has made this mouse speedy, fast and accurate and it can be handled easily. Since it’s an ideal choice for those ideal grabbers who are in search of top-notch performance with beautiful looks.

Since it has been developed after consulting with some top professional players, keeping in mind their views it has been a top product for the company’s brand uplifting and increasing its repute in the market.

In my opinion, it is one of the top-notch gaming mice, an ideal choice for claw grabbers and a top choice for eSports pro players.

Logitech G Pro comes with Logitech Software which synchronizes all Logitech products.

This Logitech mouse comes with 6 programmable buttons, which can be customized according to your needs. It even got customizable RGB Led thus you can customize it too according to your will.

With fast and smooth acceleration to aim at your enemy, it can produce havoc on enemies.

  • Lethally Accurate
  • It can be used for casual purposes
  • Since it’s a small mouse, it might be a problem for big hands

Steel Series Sensei 310

SteelSeries Sensei 310



If you are a hard-core gamer then you might’ve been using this brand, SteelSeries.

SteelSeries Sensei 310 is one of the outperforming brands when it comes to the gaming industry. But it is unfortunate that even after such a performance in the gaming industry this brand is regarded as a beginner.

With SteelSeries Sensei 310 the company has done a great job, be it looks of the mouse or the performance quality, it has all the characteristics of a good Fps gaming Mouse.

This mouse is for both Left-handed and Right-Handed people or even for those who can use both hands. On both sides of the mouse, it has a thumb button.

In the center just behind the scroll wheel, there is a button for adjusting the Dpi.

The SteelSeries Sensei 310 features 8 programmable buttons, which can be programmed according to your needs.

Inside Sensei 310 there is a TrueMove3 optical sensor, that has an outstanding one to one tracking at 350 IPS.

It is an estimate that SteelSeries Sensei 310 has a lifespan of around 50 million clicks.

To avoid greasy and slippery hands, there is a silicon grip that provides extra comfort. The comfort delivered by this company is appraisable but it is not up to the par as compared to some of its rivals in the market.

This mouse has a DPI of 12000. It delivers maximum performance and comfort and provides ease during extreme gaming environment and hours


  • Beautiful RGB Led Lights
  • Perfect choice for Ambidextrous people
  • The mouse is a bit large for small-handed people.

BenQ Zowie EC2-A/EC1-A

BenQ Zowie EC2-AEC1-A
BenQ Zowie EC2-AEC1-A



BenQ Zowie EC2-A/EC1-A is one of the most demanded Fps gaming mice in the gaming industry. A perfect choice for those who’ve been playing Counter-Strike, PUBG, COD, and other similar games.

This gaming mouse has much to offer than described. Some outstanding features such as an inch-perfect sensor, beautiful design, and lift-off distance is appreciable.

ECA1 or ECA2 doesn’t have much difference between them apart from length all is the same. ECA2 is slightly smaller as compared to ECA1.

Some of the features that are completely missing are RGB led lights, snipe buttons which can be a problem to some players from this series.

But if we talk about performance BenQ Zowie is completely focused on delivering performance, which is the most demanding factor in FPS gaming.

If you want features that are missing from this mouse, you can choose Razer, if your sole focus is on performance factor then my friend this is the perfect choice for you.

This series has been a top-notch gaming mouse around the globe due to its best performance and beautiful looks.

The accuracy, 3200DPI, preset DPI settings are some amazing features that are integrated in this mouse.

You might’ve noticed that other brands offer 16k DPI, but such dpi is not necessary. You won’t be able to use 16k DPI. Why pay for what we can’t use?

To conclude, if you are here for design and performance than this mouse is for you. It produces some amazing performance that will be enough for you. A professional choice for professional gamers.

  • Deadly Accurate and lethal
  • All surface working sensors
  • Absence of some features like snipe buttons, RGB led lights

SteelSeries Rival 600



SteelSeries Rival 600 is for those who love precision and speed. So, if you are for precision and speed this mouse is for you. Most Gamers especially Professional gamers choose precision over speed, and in precision, no one can compete SteelSeries Rival 600.

If you have witnessed pro gamers are moving their hands so much speedily have you ever pondered upon it why they do that? It’s because they set their mouse Dpi to a minimum to achieve maximum accuracy.

SteelSeries Rival 600 provides maximum accuracy at low speed. This function makes you achieve the one-inch cursor movement a deadly precision is achieved.

If you are looking for a mouse with such an accuracy then you can add this to your wish list. Because using this FPS gaming mouse you will achieve the maximum accuracy enough to boost your FPS gaming skills and rival your opponents.

It is estimated that this mouse has a lifespan of 60 million clicks.

  • Hard and Durable.
  • Amazing Lift off and CPI.
  • It misses some of the demanding premium features

Corsair M65 Pro

SteelSeries Rival 600



Corsair M65 Pro isn’t a new name for hard-core and pro gamers. They might be using this awesome FPS gaming mouse, which is praised for the features it owns.  This Pro M65 version is an improved version of Corsair M65. If I start listing its features, I will start with 12k DPI sensors which are ultra-sensitive which means this mouse is an epitome of speed and accuracy. Customizable weight has been in center and changing them means it could shift the center of gravity.

This mouse features several buttons, a dedicated sniper button for the competitive online gaming environment.

Corsair M65 Pro gives it’s player an option to switch the DPI on the fly and offers a lot of other customizations to place your settings with a distance away from your thumb.

Corsair M65 Pro has amazing RGB lights, you can customize its weight and overall balancing by using 3 different tuning settings.

With eight programmable buttons, you can program them according to your will. You can adjust its Dpi. With four different USB response times operating at 125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500Hz and 1000Hz, it’s no doubt a monster that will eat its rivals.

  • Customization and programmable buttons.
  • Adjustable weights and center of gravity.
  • Only for palm grippers in a way of comfort.

Logitech G403



No doubt Logitech G403’s elder siblings have set a standard sky-high to touch even products from the same brand. Still, then Logitech G403 is armed with so many amazing options with weight balancing.

Either it is the number of Led colors or number of thumb buttons on the side of the mouse this mouse is an exception than others. After buying this you will ask yourself, do you need a mouse?

Logitech G403 has a comfortable grip, enough functions to rival other gaming mouse and fulfilling needs of higher games. Even I personally felt love for this wireless FPS gaming mouse.

This mouse is for Right-Handed people. The Design is comparably similar to the Death Adder. There might be some issues you will face in the beginning but when you will get used to it, you will have one of the amazing experiences.

Logitech G403 runs on Logitech gaming software if you are using Logitech mouse before you better know this software well.

With this software you can alter the Dpi of Logitech G403 from 200 to 12000, program buttons, link the profile, change the colors of LED can even sync with other Logitech products.

  • Comfortable design with amazing quality.
  • Not a good design.

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury


Even if we see the list, or search online we’ll see that every second or third best quality mice are manufactured by Logitech. This brand tops the list in giving some top-notch performance in the form of their products.

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury is one of the most desired mice in the world because of its IPS 500.

Though some users might complain about its lightweight as according to the lightweight products reduce the speed.

Still, then it has one of the greatest ergonomics, and its curvy shape makes you feel like it was specially designed for your hand after careful measurements of your hands.

You might know this fact that Logitech has some awesome palm grips. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury is no exception either. This FPS gaming mouse is considered a cheap fps gaming mouse around the globe.

Speed and sniper buttons are with acceleration and are a secret recipe of all Logitech products. G402 is also blessed with these features.

Players have found Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury a reliable mouse is a heavy shooting gaming environment where speed and accuracy are required along with excellent skills.

To sum up, the Logitech value’s customers ’ money and manufactures the products that cater to all the needs of a gamer. You won’t find negative reviews about this product.

Sniper button may excite some gamers but to their dismay that buying just because of this single feature may not be a good idea as it doesn’t perform the way it sounds.

  • Amazing and outstanding overall performance.
  • Value for Buyer’s money.
  • Mediocre mouse wheel.
  • Due to its lightweight, it doesn’t work speedily.

What are the specifications I should look at in an Fps Gaming Mouse?

In simple words, without a good gaming mouse, you are a warrior without a good sword and without a good sword, you won’t be able to fight for a long time. You cannot enjoy your games; you cannot land perfect timing attacks.

The following are important points elaborated below that are core requirements an Fps Gaming mouse must-have.

Accuracy and Precision

In the First Person Shooter genre, the most important factor is precision and accuracy. If you can’t aim quickly and shoot accurately you will miss your target which would be a nightmare.

So, you wouldn’t want to miss that headshot right? So that’s why accuracy and precision is the most important point which is considered when you are going to buy the Fps gaming mouse.

Dots per Inch or DPI

The second thing is Dots per inch, an important aspect in the genre of FPS gaming.  It refers that how much movement will occur or how much the cursor will move per inch. Higher the screen size higher will be the DPI therefore those with big screen size needs an Fps gaming mouse with a great DPI to cope up with that size.

Sensitivity of Mouse

Since we are talking about DPI how can we ignore the sensitivity of mouse? The sensitivity depends on DPI.

If DPI is a hardware speed of mouse then sensitivity is the adjustment of speed through software. Higher sensitivity is for those users who want to cover the whole screen with a small movement of the mouse.

Sensitivity plays an important role in targeting the enemies but beware sometimes higher sensitivity can cause trouble as it requires some time to get used to it.

In my opinion, it will be better if you use normal sensitivity as it might be troublesome for novice users of the mice.

Size and Grip

In FPS genre, speed and accuracy matters a lot and it comes with a grip if your hands are slippery and you can’t grip well on your mouse, no matter how skillful you are you will miss your targets thus reducing your performance to stop that you will be needing an FPS gaming mouse with good grip and size.

Size is the factor that comes when your hands are smaller or larger than mouse thus facing difficulty in controlling the mouse. So size is an important factor and must be regarded when you are purchasing a mouse



The weight matters most in FPS games. With weight, it can have a huge impact on your games. These days mice are having adjustable weights which can make your experience as you want.

With more weight there will be more speed your mouse pointer will move faster.

But with lesser weight, the speed will low and your accuracy will increase that is why most players complain that lightweight mouse has speed issues. But with lesser speed comes the greater accuracy.


What is the difference between normal and a gaming mouse?

The real difference is between the speed, weight, accuracy, Dpi, and sensitivity all these things matter a lot in a gaming environment where a misclick can be a devastating one and precision is required because in those environments you are just seconds away from a win or lose.

If you are an ordinary person who doesn’t spend time playing games then these mice aren’t a matter for your concern but if you are a gamer then these things matter a lot.

An average mouse doesn’t have much DPI they usually have a DPI of 600- 1200 but for gaming, mouse DPI ranges from low to high 16000.

The average mouse doesn’t have more than two buttons and a scroll wheel whereas gaming mouse has up to 8 or 12 customizable buttons.


A Difference Between Optical and Laser Sensor

A mouse is the piece of hardware that commands your computers through a pointer.

There isn’t much difference between optical and laser sensors. Both servers the same purpose i.e. tracking the movement of the mouse through the surface.

The optical mice have Led integrated into them which they use to track the movement whereas the laser mouse uses a laser to do the tracking.

In comparison, both mice don’t have a great performance difference just the laser mouse offers a much more dots per inch movement.

An optical mouse can have a DPI of 3000 whereas a Laser mouse will have a DPI of 6000 or more.


Does FPS Gaming Mouse give benefit over my opponents?

Indeed, it has a huge impact on the overall performance of gaming. When your opponent does n’ t has a good mouse that can’t match the capabilities of your mouse then they won’t be able to rival you. You will have an edge of speed, accuracy, sensitivity over them.

There will be fewer miss clicks, more accuracy and you will target them more.

But still, then the experience and skills are the things that play an important role in the Gaming environment.

A driver who has the best car must also know how to drive it in the best way.


Is DPI an important factor in the gaming genre?

Yes indeed, it’s an important factor in the gaming genre. An Fps Gaming mouse has a DPI as high as 16000 which means that it will be able to move more dots per inch with a slight movement as compared to a normal mouse.

When you are sniping and camping, how would you cope up with an enemy sprinting? When your mouse speed can’t be faster than his sprinting?

You will be needing a good Fps Gaming mouse to target him with a slight movement of the mouse. It will waste less of your time in getting difficulty to target such enemies.


What type of mouse user you are? How should you use your mouse?

Well to answer this question, frankly, it depends much on the personality of a person/player. To discuss types of mouse users. There are three types of Mouse users.

  1. Finger Gripper.
  2. Palm Gripper.
  3. Claw Grippers.


But the most used type is of Palm grippers because according to survey 50% of the market is held by Palm Gripper mice. If you use this type of gripping the mouse it will be in a resting position and providing you comfort and support.


In Claw Gipping, you will have to place your hand on the mouse, which sometimes makes a claw shape thus named after this shape. This is a type of shape we usually adopt when we are controlling and moving our character forward, but it isn’t as popular as the Palm Gripper.

The Finger gripper or tip gripper is mostly used when we have to move our character faster on the screen. In this type, there is less contact between hand and mouse and you use your fingers to move your character on the screen.

So, it depends upon you which type of style used. It suits your personality to adopt the style which you want.


More Best Gaming Guides Try To Read It.

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Which brand of a mouse to choose?

In general, it is not advisable to choose a mouse-based on its brand but rather on its characteristics. Most manufacturers offer complete ranges, with models accessible for occasional players and others much more complete for the pickiest users.

Among the main current brands, we can notably mention Razer, Logitech G, SteelSeries, Corsair, Zowie or Roccat. To obtain a global vision of the different models of each brand, you can consult our dedicated comparatives.

  • Razer mouse
  • Roccat mouse
  • SteelSeries Mouse
  • Logitech mouse

How many DPI for my gaming mouse?

Unable to answer this question, it will depend on the preferences of each player but also other parameters such as the game you want to play or the resolution of your screen.

Keep in mind that the higher the DPI, the faster your sensor will move. Conversely, by reducing the DPI of your mouse you will have to carry out larger movements to move your cursor.

Generally, FPS and TPS players move towards sensitivities between 400 and 1000 DPI in order to gain precision when aiming. Do not hesitate to try several settings in order to find the one that best suits your needs.

How to hold your mouse?

Again, this will depend on everyone’s preferences but also on the size of your mouse. If you have a rather compact mouse, we generally recommend moving towards a grip like Claw Grip or Fingertips Grip. Conversely, if your Mouse is large you will probably be the most comfortable in a Palm Grip configuration.

In any case, try to select a mouse according to the size of your hand. Consult the dimensions of the different products and take a look at our full tests to get an overview of the ergonomics offered by each product.

Are there mice for little hands?

Certain models are indeed more suitable for small hands and younger players. Among the references currently available, we think in particular of the Razer DeathAdder Elite, the Corsair Harpoon RGB, the Zowie FK1 or even the Logitech G203.

What about big hands?

Some larger mice are particularly suitable for players with large hands. If this is your case, we recommend for example the Roccat Kone AIMO, the Razer Naga Trinity, the Corsair Glaive RGB or even the Zowie EC1-A.

How to program your gaming mouse?

To program your mouse and modify its options, you generally need to use software that can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s site. We can come and modify the actions of each of the buttons, adjust the backlight zones or even configure the sensitivity of its sensor.

If the main brands offer complete and intuitive software, beware of entry-level models that often suffer from poorly optimized software or not found.

How to clean your gaming mouse?

It is recommended to regularly clean your mouse if you want to avoid seeing dust and other dirt accumulate on it. We advise you to follow the pictorial guide proposed by WikiHow and to repeat the operation once a month.

Which mouse for Fortnite?

Fortnite is a bit special FPS in the sense that the constructions require you to set up many more shortcuts than on other games. If we can obviously configure the construction of its walls, ramps and other traps on the keys of its keyboard, it can be effective to assign certain shortcuts directly on its mouse.

So, while relatively simple mice are often recommended for other FPS, Fortnite fans will be able to turn to models with more buttons like a Logitech G502, a Roccat Kone AIMO or another SteelSeries Rival 500.

These mice have more buttons than average and allow you to chain your constructions in the blink of an eye.

Which mouse for MMORPGs?

MMORPGs being fairly specific games, there are mice specially designed to meet the needs of fans of World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV and other Black Desert. These models are often equipped with a grid of 12 buttons on the front allowing easy access to all their main skills.

This frees up space on your keyboard for secondary shortcuts (equipment, inventory, map, etc.) or simply to chat with other players in your guild. Among the most famous models, we can cite the Roccat Nyth or the Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB. You can find more models in our MMO mouse guide.

Where to buy your gaming mouse?

Since it is rarely possible to try a mouse before buying it, it is generally recommended to order your products on Amazon and take advantage of the free return within 30 days if the model does not suit you.


In my overall Conclusion, I would say, it’s totally up to you which Fps gaming mouse you choose to buy, but the points I have mentioned above will help you a lot in choosing the mouse you want. If you are a hard-core gamer then the first mouse in the list is the bests choice for you as it caters to all your needs.

But if you are a new gamer and wants to be a professional one, I would suggest you start with a cheaper version of Logitech.

Happy Gaming!